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Scopely, Inc is an American interactive entertainment company and mobile games developer and publisher. The company is headquartered in Los Angeles, California, with offices in Barcelona, Spain; Boulder, Colorado; Dublin, Ireland; London, England; and Tokyo, Japan.Scopely has internal development studios as well as partners with external development studios to create free-to-play mobile games.

A very angry customer mentioned,"Lazy, rude, and unhelpful customer service at Scopely. I have been waiting over two weeks to get a response from upper management. For some reason I'm missing dice and I raised my concerns to them and then workers keep repeating they need to forward my case to upper management neglecting to do anything to my account. I honestly can't believe it actually takes over two weeks to get an approval to give me my dice back. They keep saying they need an exact day and time of when I received my dice, but if they don't even have it on their end what makes them think I would have it on mine? If this is of such concern to them and they need that information to get anything done, then I don't understand why they don't update their system so it appears in our game when we got each dice. In addition to that Scopely's customer service people are really rude. I raise my concerns as to why it's taking so long to get an approval because they say they sent my concern to upper management but I never hear from them. It's as if my issue has never gotten escalated at all and then one of the workers has the nerve to tell be be patient. They literally only respond to your emails only once a day and it's so frustrating because many different people respond back so I feel like we just keep going in circles and my problem will never get resolved. I heard of a worker who had dice before it even came out, so what makes me think that the workers aren't sabotaging their customers' games and going into them and physically deleting dice or even possibly doing it by accident. If their own workers can easily get cheats to their game, then shouldn't it be just as easy as helping out their customers (who are being honest) about the issues that they are experiencing with their game?"


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Current Employee - Live Ops Associate says

"- Awful work life balance - The game you are assigned dictates your career trajectory"

Current Employee - Anonymous says

"Take a very close look at the fact that the positive reviews are all from Product Managers, and anything negative is from a different position. Even when they're anonymous, you can tell from the catchy words like "growth", "initiative", "elevation", "synergy", etc. You know, the kind of things people who want you to buy what they're selling would say. That is because Scopely is a political minefield where Product Managers reign supreme. If you don't play the game and put up any resistance to a decision a PM makes, your time at the company is limited and they *will* find a bus to throw you under and force you out. People here are exhausted by the politics and being forced to implement every idea conceived by a PM, good or bad. If something good happens to an app's revenue or retention, a PM will get the credit. If something bad happens (maybe a feature/event doesn't do so great, or there's a dip in revenue, etc), it's design/art/ux/the janitor's fault. PMs have gotten credit for features that were finished before their first day of work. We can't make the time to fix or improve something that would lead to a better user experience and overall game, but we can drag out the development of a game for an extra year so that a PM can make their team drop everything to copy mechanics and/or features from the latest app that they've downloaded. PMs have a special bonus structure that they reap the benefits of, because they control the development schedule and can manipulate it to ensure they hit their 'goals' to get that $$$. An entry level PM will not only make more money than anybody else on the team, but have more power than a senior/director level of any other role. Scopely will nickel and dime salary offers for any other department, but a PM can come in easily making 180k+ (because a VP/Director level PM ultimately signs off on any new hire on a team), and they'll get a senior/VP/duke title without resistance. PMs get promotions and raises several times a year, but you'll find people in many other positions who have never gotten a raise, and have to fight tooth and nail for title promotion. Product managers have the power to veto literally any creative decision, whether it is design, ui/ux, or art. The company is bleeding designers specifically, because PMs are either finding manipulative ways to fire/drive them out of the company when they stand their ground on perspectives that conflict with what a PM order, or they are simply giving up and leaving. To them designers are, at best, a decoration that exists to write documentation and influence team morale. A designer who expects to create engaging, innovative experiences should look elsewhere because you will just be asked to copy some feature from another app that will probably have nothing in common with yours. If the art team wants something green and product wants it blue - guess what, you're making it blue but you'll get a stern talking to about being a 'negative impact on the team' for any resistance you might have shown. The craziest thing is, most of the Product Managers at the company have no (or minimal) experience in mobile, and it shows. They have Harvard business degrees and finance backgrounds, but often no clue how difficult or easy many facets of the development process are. And yet, the C-suite thinks they are all prodigies and hands the highest level of power to some of the most inexperienced people in the company. They are also conveniently some of the most volatile personalities at Scopely. Scopely doesn't call itself a "game" company - it's an "experience" company. Their customer base isn't made up of "players", they're "users". Scopely is here to make money regardless of what they have to do to their "users" to squeeze it out of them, and making fun, high quality games is not a part of that deal. It's pretty incredible the amount of resistance there is at this company to give the creative roles the authority to do their jobs, and to keep product managers in their appropriate lane. I'd like to keep my head low, but I'm so sick of seeing good people abused and bullied out of their jobs for trying to do their jobs and make the best games they can. Thanks for coming to my TED talk."


"Toxic environment. Very political and hypocritical. It has a seemingly everything is awesome appearance, but in fact everything is barely holding together. There are some good people, but buried in this toxic environment, since nothing they can change, but to leave. Rest of people either join the tide or turn a blind eye into it. So don't expect good work coming out of this, most of people are only planning on get by."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- The mobile gaming industry is about making money first and foremost. That will always be the driving factor in most decisions. Scopely is pretty much "diseased" by this as well, so be aware of that if you're thinking that you're going to come in and the priority is going to be about making the best game there is. Think you have fresh, unique ideas? You probably do but you're not going to be able to work on those groundbreaking or unique ideas. You're going to re-hash the same "tired" money-making tactics over quality games with some well known IP. Why? Because it worked before so therefore it works for forever and all time. - On top of this, expect that some people here come from previous gaming companies that carried over their toxicity and immaturity with them. They think they know best because they worked on some game that was successful for a little bit, but isn't even played anymore. Of course that means that everything they touch turns to gold now. Who are you to tell them otherwise, right? Challenging the status quo is just going to intimidate those people and cause them to scheme against you. Can't have you stepping up to try and take their fame away. Unique ideas begone! - Which brings me to another point. Depending on the team you're on, you may either get along really well or find yourself at odds with your team. It's true what other people have mentioned about "cliques." Be prepared to feel like an outsider if your team decides they don't like you. Some people can get extremely childish and immature and you'll feel like you're continuously watching your back, because some people might throw your under the bus just because they have nothing better to do. I often overhear teammates trash talking other people when they're not there. Makes you feel like you're in high school all over again. Is it too much to ask that some of you try to act like adults? So much animosity and politics. - The off sites. Wow. Why do we do this to everyone? No one cares about self-congratulating ourselves on profits. We're here to make games and an email or quick shout out on Friday's is sufficient. It's not hard to see that a lot of people find these tedious and boring. I know you execs and product folks love this, but please don't torture the rest of us who are interested in other things. This is about you focusing on $$$. Not about us people working in the trenches and loving the games we play. I think it's fine to celebrate our releases which we do and I think that is working really well. - And finally, as mentioned by others, there's a lot of passive shaming by other co-workers for not working "as late" as other folks. Come on now. People have families and a life outside of work. We get it - you want to follow the Silicon Valley model of trying to keep your employees happy by basically giving them everything they need to continue working and sticking around, but this is just dumb and people will burn out no matter what. Why? Because we're human beings that shouldn't be working over 8 hours. It's pure exploitation and the fact that it's ignored by the top brass is a problem. Management needs to start making sure that we balance this better. People are too afraid to not work over time for fear of being chastised by others. Be aware that there is moderate turnover here and that should always be a red flag. There are companies that don't have employees quitting all the time like this."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"In some departments, senior leadership is far too hands on making things difficult for the actual workers (the people which drive the results) rather than helping them. Clear lack of management experience- too many are given titles for their achievements without caring about their actual ability/experience to MANAGE/lead people/foster a healthy team. This is causing an endless revolving door of talent and a cesspool of toxicity/negativity amongst the lower level employees, those that actually produce the results and work on the games. Then you have the upper level mgmt's attitude on success- yes revenue is important but all aspects of what makes a game fun and keeping players in is completely ignored. All they care about is getting new people to spend money on the titles- this is basically a high-stress finance company, not a gaming company. Work life balance is absolutely horrendous. One of the major problems is that because some senior level management/"leaders" do not have the qualifications nor aptitude to actually lead a team, everyone books an insane amount of meetings everyday, vast majority of which are not related to your deliverable goals for your job title. You will be forced to work at home and on the weekends. Emails & tasks during the weekends are expected and always there. In reality you should expect a 60 hour work week due to meetings, most of which are meaningless for your own goals & expectations for your role. In a proper team structure, the leaders of a team should be focused on handling the meetings and deflecting distractions for the people he manages. Instead, we find that team's managers'-managers causing more annoyance (distraction) rather than helping, circling back to my previous point about how the majority of managers don't know how to manage nor possess the traits to be a good department leader. They are there because they might have succeeded in one area of career, but that really does not make you a good people-leader. Exec leadership yells at people for not hitting revenue/new customer targets... in front of other employees. Instead of helping, enabling, and supporting them, they think that grinding on the subject/blame gaming is the right thing to do. Pay isn't incentive enough to tolerate all the cons @ Scopely- you are at industry standard."

Former Employee - Live Operations Representative says

"The company is 100% driven by money, there is little emphasis on the customer's experience, rather how best to extract the most money for the least gain. This transfers to the working environment for staff also- long hours, with little appreciation or consideration for work/life balance."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"They put a lot of time, money and resources into hiring the best of the best but zero energy into developing and retaining their employees once hired. Also, since they only hire "senior" and above many employees find themselves doing junior work. There is an obscene amount of turnover and the work environment is highly political and cut throat. It used to not be like that but it is now. Since the live products are doing okay but not great people tend to blame others to deflect their part in it. Business model is challenging. There's no CFO. There's no CPO. Most managers are inexperienced who've never managed before nor run a business."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- Incredibly political and immature work environment - Incredibly dog eat dog and disorganized middle management - No work life balance - Fake happy culture - Highly hierarchical - Most of the passionate and talented people you will meet seemingly feel jaded and miserable"


"I quit my previous job and accepted Scopely's offer. Was within days of relocating to Los Angeles when they pulled the plug, leaving me without a means to support my family. Do not trust them. They will woo like like you've never seen before, throw a very enticing offer your way, and then suddenly drop you like a bad habit. In my case, there were some minor complications with the relocation, but they had been made aware of these issues months prior, and there would have been zero problem with me starting work."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"It feels like you are in a cult than working in an actual company. People who have achieved nothing walk and talk like they are gods. terrible working hours even on friday nights on regular basis. It makes it hard to stay late and work when the top people are out of office drinking and having a good time while the people at the bottom are forced to work"

Senior Artist (Former Employee) says

"I was once told by a friend the only way to boil a frog is by putting it into comfortable water and slowly turn the heat up until it boils alive. What once started as a challenging, open-to-change, and great work environment spiraled into under staffed, panic stricken game teams who struggled to meet unreasonable goals. If you like free food and want to bring your dog to work, over drinking, and fake company bonding, this is the place for you.Free foodEverything."

Quality Assurance Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Working at Scopely was great as the atmosphere was very nice, the employees were pleasant. However, after working there only two months the company made a decision to layoff all contracted QA employees without notice.Great location, atmosphere, employees.No chance to advance, layoff without notice."

Deb says

"Scopely are THIEFS and liars. Today...february 4, 2021 they lost a great player who spent far too much money playing dice with buddies. If their job is to make and create games they obviously NEVER went to school or were educated on how to do so without constant glitches and BULLSHIT HORRIBLE customer service "

James Erickson says

"All I want to do is play Scrabble with friends and family. I am not interested in rewards, jewels and other kinds of competitions with silly games to earn points. Let us simply play Scrabble. I miss the dictionaries that were included in the original Scrabble game. Where are they? Why were they removed???"

Allen Garcia says

"They offer games that work much like Right Wing American Government, Help the rich, screw the poor. They claim to have many paths in STFC. But only one path is viable for remaining even a little competitive, and that is PVP, soley Mining and questing would cripple your game play. Further more they over inflate the value of their in app purchases."

Uzair Faizy says

"Money grabbing company that do not care about their clientelle"

David Scowen says

"The company is a shambles, No support what so ever, and currently a day locked out of my account. To be fair, i spend too much on the game, so maybe this is a sign to ditch the company."

24VP says

"Do not order anything advertise on this site.I ordered an item.Was frequently advised that the order had been shipped which was not true.When I requested a refund the excuse is that their payment processor is broken and will issue refund once fixed.I am still waiting.Beware!"

Beryl Coleman says

"I am not happy over a week ago I asked on the ingame support on my Yahtzee With Buddies game to delete my old accounts so I can start again from scratch and I am still waiting I am now getting very annoyed"

Martin Dobson says

"Absolutely disgusted with service from Scopely Support, 9 different support people all refusing to reset manager rewards. That has been done before. I mentioned the reset & also attached the previous issue being resolved & they refused. Ticket closed after 2 weeks."

Ben Rowland says

"Terrible experiences with customer service. 13 emails over a ten day period to get a simple issue fixed with a back end bug. Problem is, this easy fix represents months of work and hundreds, potentially thousands of dollars. I know scopely uses a 3rd party for this, likely India or the Philippines based on interaction style (worked for many years in a related vertical working with similar companies). But scopely should serioisly consider switching vendors. Judging by the lawsuits against them and the slew of bad reviews here... I will not be spending a dime until resolution is reached, and as admiral will ask my alliance members do the same. -miffed stfc player."

Will Ferrell says

"Horrible business practices. This company is a scam. They dont have a customer service department. They will literally take your money, close your account and then ignore all your messages to customer service. How is this business not shut down yet?"

Julie Plant says

"Awful! I have played online EA Scrabble every day for years. Please bring it back. This Scrabble Go is a waste of time, confusing and stupid. At least have an option to play the EA Scrabble such a shame."

Susan Yardley says

"What in the hell was Scopely thinking - that Scrabble players would become enamored of an ugly Candy Land Board game clone - all glitz snd flashing colors to please 5 year old coders in their basements. Scrabble Go is a complete and heart breaking bastardization of a wonderful game. Do programmers even know what reality is or do the just not give a flyer?"

Ed Krause says

"I have had the misfortune of encountering some truly shady business practices online. However I believe Scopely is the winner for the worst customer facing business practices I have ever witnessed from any business I have encountered. Their customer service is essentially non existent, leaving customers hanging with the simple line of "thank you for your input we will consider it" for anything you might say to them. The place is definitely ran by soulless robots that care absolutely nothing about their fellow humans. Their games are filled to the max with cheaters and glitches and leave much to be desired. With all of this, they still refuse to offer any sort of refund or even the remotest apology for the miserable experience with their games and company. There should really be a 0 star rating option on here for "terrible" this company does not deserve a single star and does not deserve a single customer. All I can do now is warn people off from this company and their games."

Michael Evans says

"Quite possibly the worst customer service of all time. They are also as big of a scam as thy guy calling to lower the interest rate on your credit card."

William Nosko says

"Play game because it is fun. But scopely give fake odds on pulls show wrestlers like a good chance of pulling but then out of 100's of people pulling no one ever gets them. Customer service is a nightmare. Also like so many other people lost a purchase and they will not refund as of yet even after saying they will refund money to account. Be so happy Scopely sold this game to some other mobile company were lawful practices were followed. Not fake odds to get people to gamble or give false hope for those with money to pull to never get anything."

Michelle says

"Their “customer service” is abysmal. I play Yahtzee with buddies and it constantly freezes. They have stolen money and charged my credit card fraudulently. When I contact customer service I never get a real answer, it’s always a “canned, generic” response that has NOTHING to do with my issue. Please don’t give this company money, they are truly horrible."

Norris Gunby, III says

"Get back the original scrabble sense the update the game is horrible so turn off the bots and see the real reviews"

Khal Nolo says

"Advertised certain digital product to me, even though my account already had such product active. As far as I was aware, it would stack. Since it was being advertised to me while I was logged into my account. No where did it advise against purchase, when I already had it. Charged full, did not receive advertised product. Essentially stolen my money. Very suspect. Horrible tactics. Avoid at all costs."

Philip Walsh says

"I'll give them 0 if I could scopey are a very unprofessional company they are disgusting and they have stolen about £500 off me and I basically refuses to give any of it back I am a sick disabled man on low income they have stolen off me how sick and deplorable is this do not have any contact with scopey in any way shape or form between them and Google pay that collaborated in stealing my money they both say it's not their fault and refuse they keep sending me email after email and say they have not received any information about this and I need to send it and I send it again and again and again it's like it's an automated computer system refusing and making excuses all the time 0% I hate this company"

Sorin Lucian Macarie says

"A very bad company, make off croks. O companie de rahat."

Rhys Rigdon says

"I've played TWD Road to Survival for over 4 years and it's a very enjoyable game; So much to do and so many characters to unlock and it gives you the eagerness to build the best team as possible. But Im afraid its ruined by the greed of Scopely, let me explain... They charge you £22.99 to become a Survival Club Member and you get 'exclusive benefits' and an advantage over other players, but is there really any point to this scandalous scheme? They give you a very little amount of bonus resources to start the f2p mission events, which barely even contribute to what you need to finish the event. Here's where it gets better... When it comes to their premium events, they give you nothing! They expect you to fork out another £40+ to fully complete the event. The 'offers' they have in the store are also rediculous, some showing as £91.99 for the full amount of cards to get a S Class character. But wait... You need to fully train 2 5* characters before you can attain what you bought. So you need to spend countless other resources, sometimes charageble on getting the S class character you just spent all that money on. Long story short... What you'd spend in 3-4 years playing as f2p, you'd get in less than a year as p2p but you will have £1,000+ less in your bank account. To conclude, I and many other players of this game are not asking for the game to become fully f2p. But there needs to be far more accessibility for f2p players. E.g. Rewards for like double resources for a couple of hours for completely tasks, etc. The price of the Survival Club either needs to be reduced or there needs to be far more benefits added to it. At the moment it doesn't live up to its £22.99 charge per month. Also the offers seriously need to be looked at. Especially during these difficult times, gaming offers people a getaway from life's problems and this game just blocks you out with their BIG P2P WALL." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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